About Susumama

Susumama World Wear is a UK based fair trade clothing company, founded in 1993 when single mom, Carli Susu discovered that was were no alternative options for dressing her beloved baby boy, bar sweatshop produced, pale blue items with a truck on it for boys, and equally gender cliched girls' garments, made by eight year olds in Korea.

As a creative, colourful dresser herself, and with a background in theatre design, and a love of exotic textiles, coupled with a passionate belief that , 'You are what you consume', Carli set out to change that.

Strapping her infant son to her back, she headed off to Indonesia with the intention to create her own range of fairly traded kiddies clothes, cutting out all middle men, personally sourcing fabrics, and working directly with the tailors, mostly young women like herself, also with small children, and also trying to raise their families in the best way possible.

Back in the day, this was quite a new model for a business.

Over the years, other global ranges have been added, and Susumama now offers clothes from places as diverse as Indonesia, Nepal, Guatemala, Thailand, Morocco, and even Europe. The principle, where ever she works remain the same; beautiful unique clothes with heart. 

Now, 25 years down the line, that baby boy who first inspired the business, is a man, and Carli felt that it was time to move on.

Although Susumama still trades, (GO TO SUSUMAMA VIA THE BUTTON LINK BELOW) and still offers a unique, funky range of fairly traded kiddies and adult clothes, plus what Carli calls 'Bollywood Bling', an eclectic collection of sparkly bits picked up on her travels such as FLOWER TORANS, exotic OILS & INCENSE, and MIRRORED KEY RINGS, Carli Susu now mainly follows her passion, that being to KEEP ON SPARKLING WITH CONSCIENCE, and so Susu's GLITTER-US, BIODEGRADABLE ECO GLITTER was born......

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