Wholesale Enquiries

We are happy to support any other individual business promoting Eco Glitter and offer WHOLESALE rates of all our biodegradable eco glitter grades & colours in quantities from 100g at surprisingly reasonable prices. Or our prepackaged glass faery bottles and elf envelopes can be sold, with or with our labels at discounted rates, for your own brand. We can even help you design your own labels for your own company's unique look, or as a unusual marketing gift for your business. Imagine handing out personalised glitter bottles to all you staff or customers! 

All our packaging is biodegradable as well, and we have sourced green eco bubble wrap, biodegradable cellulose tape, and our boxes are all recycled and recyclable.

Wholesale rates are great for festival folk, party animals, face painters, circus performers, burlesque artists, nail sculptors, faeries & elves. ENQUIRE HERE WITH YOUR GLITTERY DESIRES........

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